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Ichiho provides professional services for global players who want to enter Japan Maerket.

About Ichiho

Propose solution to clients based on mixed up wide range of knowledge from various industries and the latest digital technologies. We also lead strategy planning, business development and market research in Japan for Global players.

Our services

Brand Strategy

Support Branding strategy with full of digital technologies.

Strategy Manager

Full-on strategy plan and assessment of your market opportunities and risks, as well as the organizational strengths and weaknesses. Action plan and objectives will be identified based on priorities

Business Development

Identifies potential partnerships & alliances - carefully reviewing them for business, technology, and cultural fit.


Facilitates market research, organizes local & cultural knowledge of the environment and designs the strategy with the right communication to target market.

Ken Uda

Company Representative

Over 30 years of experience in high-technology cutting edge area as Business Development professional. Worked on start up to large multinational companies and experienced on Japan Branch / K.K. operation including end to end P&L management. His business experience started  at Trading Company and handled US / EU Manufacturing Machines in 1980’s. He knows well Semiconductor Market across Design to Manufacturing, and EDA tools based on is Synopsysexperience. He shifted his playground to value-add Software business. In early 2000, he led  Indian software company as Head of Asia Pacific and Japan Country manager focused on Communication Technologies. Bring technology and Services mixed new business model into the Indian company, It was uncommon in early 2000 for Indian business. He contributed the Indian company’s IPO. He foresaw platforming of mobile software, shifted business into Cloud, M2M area which today called IoT, SaaS, MaaS etc.

Previous professional activity was at Adobe Corporate Technology & Strategy group which responsible M&A and business development across Media and Digital Marketing. Driving Digital Transformation in Japan Enterprises and Government Market. Currently focusing IoT, Big data/Digital Marketing and Autonomous Vehicle segment.